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Sandy Beach


My clients struggle like you do. Despite being kind, smart, successful high achievers or caring families. They've experienced the challenges and expectations of performance at the elite-sports and business executive levels, as well as difficulties and pain in their personal and family relationships. They've navigated loss and trauma and learned how to define their space and voice to design and live the life they've always wanted. If you're ready to do the same, take the next step, contact me today. 

Therapy for Anxiety

Most people who begin therapy for anxiety report feeling overwhelmed or lost on some level. Common signs of anxiety include feelings of dread, uncertainty, or worry, and/or physical responses that negatively affect your ability to complete or enjoy daily tasks. 

Grief Counseling

Grief is a personal journey and one of life’s most significant challenges. It’s not about getting over loss. It’s about learning how to move forward on the path that works for you. We will work together in a safe, supportive space to identify what you need and what it will take to get there, on your terms and at your pace. 

Therapy for Mood Disorders

Most people who start therapy for mood disorders experience unusual or intense, disruptive shifts in their mood, energy, or activity levels. If you often feel frustrated or overwhelmed by managing your emotions, or if your feelings regularly make it difficult to carry out daily tasks, you may benefit from this kind of therapeutic practice.  

Therapy for Depression

People seeking therapy for depression may notice a "low" mood most days. Common symptoms include feeling "stuck," unable to move forward, and a loss of interest in activities or relationships.

Couple and Family Counseling

Relationships can be difficult in the best of times. They can be intensely challenging when high-stress careers create added pressures. Gaining insight to your partner or family's needs and how they best communicate can help relieve pressure and improve relationships.

Therapy for Trauma

Healing after trauma can feel impossible, especially when you still have a job to do that forces you to re-experience certain events that led to the trauma in the first place. But the possibility of healing is enhanced with a holistic approach to counseling and takes into account the mind and body’s relationship with cultural, social, environmental, developmental, relational, and spiritual healing processes. 

LGBTQIA+ Counseling

You are worthy, and your identity is important. Sometimes self-acceptance and family acceptance can cause distress, pain, disconnection, or shame. You may feel isolated or uncertain about how to navigate relationships while staying your authentic self. 

Career Counseling

Explore where your skills and experience are best leveraged to achieve your personal and professional goals. Whether you are transitioning to a new position in or out of equine industry, the first step is identifying priorities, goals, and existing barriers. The next step is to map a course that helps navigate your career journey.

Performance Mindset Counseling

Support for athletes and high achievers aimed at improving your ability to perform optimally and more consistently through improved confidence and motivation with instruction on mental preparation, positive self-talk, visualization, and effective goal setting. Learn and develop coping skills to manage stressful or high-pressure situations while maintaining focus.

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