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Areas of Expertise

Business Video Call
Using the Laptop
Video Conference
Gay Couple with their Son
Elderly couple
Family with Tablet
Pregnant Woman and Partner
Female Swimmers
Judo Match
Horse Racing
Horseback Riding
Teletherapy with a Solution-Focused Approach
Marriage and Family Counseling
Performance Mindset Coaching

My Approach

I work from an integrative solution-focused and strength-based approach. I believe you are the expert on yourself. My role is to help you identify and learn to leverage the resources you already have available and tap into the ones you've yet to discover.


I can help you learn to recognize and name the challenges that may be preventing you from reaching your goals. Together, we can create and incorporate alternate strategies to broaden and enrich your perspective and success. I look forward to working with you. 

Forest Path
My Approach
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